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Emla Numbing Cream 5%

EMLA cream is used as a topical anaesthesia of the skin before needle puncture when having a non surgical injectable procedure.

is a mixture of two local anaesthetics, lignocaine and prilocaine. These local anaesthetics are combined with special agents which allow the products to pass through the skin. Once through the skin the numbing effect they produce allows injectable non surgical procedures to be done without you feeling any pain. However you may still experience sensations such as pressure and touch in this area.

For use as a local anesthetic, apply a thick layer of cream to skin, under an occlusive dressing. For leg ulcer debridement, apply a thick layer of the cream, up to a total of 10 g to the Area to be treated, cover with an occlusive dressing and leave for 30-60 minutes. Cleansing should start without delay after removal of the cream.
Lignocaine 2.5% /Prilocaine 2.5%
Do not apply near eyes.
Not to be used on broken skin

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