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 advanced injectables

At the Milecross Clinic we have a wide range of Advanced and Combination Treatments.

The Capabilities of Non Surgical Injectables and Medical Skincare

Non-invasive facial injectable treatments are  powering their way up the cosmetic leader board.  The demand for these treatments has increased faster within the last few years than ever before.  The reasons for this are believed to be because the results are reversible, the method of treatment is easier and less invasive, and the advance in capabilities of what these treatments can do for the patient has really progressed.  Facial contouring and enhancement, and restoration of radiance and youthfulness to the skin are now more possible than ever.

The treatments below are becoming some of the most popular requested treatments at The Milecross Clinic.  They can be achieved with  Fillers alone or enhanced when in combination with wrinkle relaxing injection treatments, specialist skincare and other collagen stimulating or rejuvenating methods.

Patient assessment is of major importance when planning combination treatments and a detailed consultation and treatment planning is essential.

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our advanced and combination treatments


At The Milecross Clinic we can provide a full face analysis and give you a bespoke treatment plan.

Under Eye treatment

With wrinkle smoothing injections, fillers, skin boosters and collagen stimulation.

cheek enhancement

The Milecross Clinic can help to restore lost cheek volume or contour the cheek to enhance it.

facial volume replacement

Sunken cheeks and temples create a gaunt tired appearance but appropriately placed fillers can restore youthfulness.

face shape augmentation

For jawline, chin and jowls to restore lost shape or to enhance and beautify.

non surgical face lift

Fillers, threads and collagen stimulators can be used to support, lift and create structure to sagging skin.


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