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Injectable Treatment for Lines and Wrinkles

This is a rejuvenating process that helps make your skin look smoother with the appearance of fewer lines and wrinkles

Injectable Treatment for Lines and Wrinkles at The Milecross Clinic Newtownards.

After having wrinkle smoothing treatment, your skin can look and feel younger than it has in years!  The Milecross Clinic in Newtownards has been providing patients in Northern Ireland with this treatment for over 14 years, in a safe relaxing environment.

Hyperactive muscles around the eyes and forehead can cause premature lines and furrows. This can create a tired and anxious appearance.  Skin can be injected to disguise these. Lines that have been previously formed can be smoothed and prevented from becoming worse.

Wrinkle smoothing treatment appointments can be provided at The Milecross Clinic on request and we will try and be as flexible and understanding to your daily busy schedule as we can when we book you in.  We try to aim to work around you and can see you in the mornings, lunchtimes, afternoons and evenings.


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Maintaining a natural look.

It is important to patients not to look suddenly very different and to maintain a 'natural look'.  With the right amount, the face can retain its natural expressive qualities. Injection should be by an experienced and qualified injector who can make sure that the correct amount is injected in precisely the right places.  In this way the desired result with a natural look can be achieved.  Since 2007, smoothing lines and wrinkles with this treatment is the most common cosmetic procedure.

Quick straightforward and safe

The process is very straight forward and quick.  An initial consultation is required to determine if this treatment is suitable for the patient or if other procedures are needed to correct the focus of the patient's concern. 

A plan is then given to the patient and a further appointment is made for the treatment to commence.  An appointment is made two weeks after the treatment to review how well the lines have softened.

The treatment can last from three to six months.  For longer lasting effect, repeat courses are required after four months. Wrinkle smoothing treatment has been proven to be safe and effective.  Over the past 20 years, it has been evaluated in more that 200 studies.

Frown lines before and after treatment

Sides of eye creases before and after treatment

Forehead lines before and after treatment

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