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For skin brightening, pore improvement and acne treatment

What is an Obagi RadianceTM Peel?

The Obagi RadianceTM Peel is a non-invasive, gentle chemical facial peel.

It contains Salicylic acid which is a beta hydroxy acid and can be anti-inflammatory. It exfoliates the skin and helps improve its overall complexion making it appear firmer, smoother and brighter-looking.

Obagi RadianceTM Peel

Do you think chemical peels sound scary? The Obagi RadianceTM Peel is so quick that it can be done in your lunchtime. 

It has no downtime as it is superficial. It can help improve acne, repair sun damaged skin and improve the appearance of your skin in preparation for special occasions. Chemical peels can be a great tool to treat acne and it is fine to get a peel when you have active acne. 

For acne where white heads and blackheads exist, salicylic acid peels of 18-23% are recommended. The RadianceTMPeel has 20% Salicylic Acid.  It can help to reduce excess oil on the skin and clears pores by removing dead skin cells.

What changes will a RadianceTM Peel make to your skin?

The skin will appear brighter, smoother and softer.  Pore size is reduced and skin tone is evened.  Pigmentation will be lightened, dullness removed and complexion improved.  Skin will look fresher, younger and tighter.

How does a RadianceTM Peel work?

It 'burns' off the top layer of skin and encourages new cell growth. A series of 4 to 6 peels provides best overall results and a gap of 2-3 weeks is advised in between each peel.

The peel has very low levels of salicylic acid which means that the 'burn' is not too uncomfortable and the downtime afterwards only really consists of very mild redness and only slight flaking.

Its three big uses are as a treatment for acne patients, as a 'red carpet' treatment to prepare your skin for a special occasion or as a repair treatment after the skin damaging effects of a sun holiday.  It improves the general texture and tone of skin, reduces pore size and pigmentation. It also contains Glycolic Acid (1.6%) and Lactic Acid (1.4%) which are both great at breaking the bonds between the dead skin cells that you want to exfoliate off.  This makes it a good anti-ageing peel too.


Note that Christina has several acne breakouts and open pores. Her skin also has uneven tone and roughness is apparent.


Acne breakouts have improved, pores are decreasing in size, tone is more even and skin appears smoother and younger.

What happens during a RadianceTM Peel treatment?

Your practitioner will remove your makeup and apply Vaseline to protect your eyes and lips.  Your eyes are also protected with eye pads.

A preparation solution is applied and left to dry. Two layers of acid solution are then applied to your whole face and left on for about 10 minutes.  During this time the face becomes very hot for about a minute.  A fan is used to reduce the mild discomfort and this subsides very quickly.

The face is then cleansed of the solution and active ingredients like Retinol or Vitamin C can be applied then moisturiser and a high factor sun cream are applied.

How much does a course of Obagi RadianceTM Peels cost?

Each peel session will cost £110 and between 4 and 6 sessions are recommended for full effect.

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What are the after effects of the peel?

Downtime is very slight. The skin can feel tight and dry and can appear a little red but as long as a moisturiser is applied frequently afterwards then this controls the dryness and flaking very well. 

It is very important that an SPF is used in between peels to protect the new skin growing underneath.  We recommend Obagi Sun Shield Protection SPF 50.  Avoid going into strong sunlight after getting a peel and peeling before going on holiday is not recommended.  Otherwise more photo-damage can occur.

What not to do when you are considering a peel.

  • It's important not pick at the skin as the spots are drying up, as that can leave scarring. 
  • Do not use if you have active cold sores, herpes simplex or warts in the area to be treated.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure after the peel. Remember to wear sunscreen after these peels.  We recommend Obagi Sun Shield Protection SPF 50. 
  • Avoid going into strong sunlight after getting a peel. Having a peel before going on holiday is not recommended.  Otherwise more photo-damage can occur.
  • Peels are not recommended during pregnancy or breast-feeding.

More RadianceTM Peel before and after photos

Once again, note how the patient's skin is brighter, clearer and smoother and has a more even tone.

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