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 Acne skincare and related treatments

At the Milecross Clinic we have a wide range of acne skincare products and can provide acne treatments

What is Acne and what causes it?

Acne is also known as 'spots' or 'pimples'.

Acne occurs in skin where there are oil glands. Oil and dead skin cells can block up pores and the bacterium P.Acnes starts to grow and cause inflammation.

Acne is a long-term skin condition generally associated with breakouts of whiteheads, pimples & greasy skin and in some severe cases can lead to scarring. Whilst acne is a treatable skin condition not all treatments are as successful as others.

Acne spots can range from blackheads (clogged pores that are open-the dark colour arises from air-exposed discoloured oil) and whiteheads (closed clogged pores) to papules, pustules, nodules and cysts (increasingly sized bumps that may be painful and pus filled).

Hormones combined with skin bacteria and fatty acids in our oil glands are the cause of acne. It can be aggravated by changing hormone levels and by being touched/picked.

Medication, stress, irritating skincare products/make-up and diet can also influence acne. High sugar diets and dairy in the diet is suggested to aggravate acne.


Puberty, premenstrual flare, disorders with high testosterone levels, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, anabolic steroids and oral steroids.


Contact with the skin through occupation or cosmetics.


Increase in sebum glands activity during period of stress.




Prevention of acne spots

Acne can be managed.  Lightly wash the affected area with a mild cleanser and lukewarm water.  Avoid too much makeup and properly remove with a water based product.  Prevent sweat and oily hair from lying too long on the skin by regularly showering especially soon after exercise as this will reduce its severity.  Do not squeeze spots!

Treatment of Acne

If you are still not responding to general care in preventing acne then it may be advisable to purchase over-the-counter acne medication or see our practitioner for specially formulated and prescription strength acne skincare products.  It may take patience and time to see results. The Milecross Clinic can assess,  prescribe for and treat your skin to reduce the symptoms of acne.  You may benefit from Obagi Clenziderm products which contains Beta Hydroxy Acid in a foaming wash and cream plus a patented form of Benzoyl Peroxide.  This kills bacteria on the skin and unblocks pores and follicles.  Our practitioner can also prescribe a topical retinoid which reduces sebum levels and can lightly peel your skin to remove surface dead skin cells too. If side effects such as dry, itchy and sensitive skin occur as a result of these medications then Obagi deep hydration products can also be applied or milder Epionce acne products be used to reduce inflammation and strengthen the skin barrier further.  If the acne is severe then further assessment and alternative treatments may be necessary from dermatologist referral. 


Obagi Salicylic Acid Radiance Peels are also available as an in-clinic treatment.  These work really well alongside acne skin products to improve the symptoms of acne.


Skin resurfacing with Microneedling at The Milecross Clinic can often improve the texture of skin and reduce the appearance of acne scars.

This is only recommended once acne is under control.

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