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skin boosters and collagen stimulation

At the Milecross Clinic we have a wide range of skin booster and collagen stimulation Treatments.

what are skin boosters and collagen stimulating injections?

Skin Boosters

These are skin refreshing injectable treatments.  They are not filler gels but do have the same ingredient - Hyaluronic Acid.

The difference is that they are not 'cross-linked' which means that they do not volumise or last as long.

They are a great starter treatment for someone who wants to enhance the appearance of their skin but is not ready to try fillers yet.

They can be injected into specific areas like under the eye or the upper lip where filler placement may appear lumpy or create too much volume.

Or they can be placed for an overall skin 'refresh' if crepiness or dry skin needs hydrated.

Skin boosters are subtle and are like injectable moisturisers.  They hydrate the skin and improve its quality.

Where can skin boosters be placed?

  • cheeks
  • around the mouth
  • under eye/sides of eyes
  • forehead
  • neck
  • hands

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Indications for skin boosters

They can:

  • hydrate delicate undereye skin to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • improve light reflection to banish dark undereye shadows
  • smooth crepiness in the cheeks
  • improve the appearance of fine vertical lip lines
  • brighten rough and dull skin to improve smoothness and radiance

A course of 3 skin booster treatments is usually spaced  2-4 weeks apart.

Each session normally costs from £170.

Products used would normally be either:

Restylane Skin Boosters

Belotero Soft

Teosyal RHA 1

Collagen Stimulating Injections

The Milecross Clinic uses Profhilo and Sunekos Injections to stimulate collagen in the face.

Sunekos is injected in more specific areas like cheeks, forehead and under eyes.

Profhilo is injected for either general facial or neck skin quality improvement.

Both products are designed to hydrate the skin and stimulate collagen and elastin. They take several sessions and months to see best results but can improve fine lines, skin crepiness, tightness and firmness.

restylane skin boosters cheeks eyes and forehead

Before and after pictures

our range of skin boosters and collagen stimulators

profhilo super skin booster

Used to tighten and improve crepey facial and neck skin

sunekos collagen stimulator

Used for crepey cheeks, fine lines under the eyes and the forehead

teosyal redensity 1

The Milecross Clinic uses these to hydrate and brighten the under eye skin

restylane skin boosters

Restylane Vital is used for the face and hands

Restylane Vital Light is used for the forehead, neck and decolletage

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