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Epionce is formulated with potent botanical ingredients in proven concentrations using a highly effective delivery system without causing irritation. Paraben and fragrance free, Epionce is suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types.

Epionce works by using carefully selected active ingredients delivered at the right concentrations and ratios to stimulate the skin's natural reparative and protective systems.

These unique ingredient complexes optimise skin function and reverse the visible signs of ageing by improving skin health.

There are 3 ingredient technologies:

Anti-inflammatory Technology -

Blends of compounds that work to reverse and prevent the action of inflammatory factors and abnormal responses of the skin when challenged with potent irritants or allergens,  Epionce's special EpiA Complex has shown in studies to relieve symptoms and reverse signs of ageing.


Barrier Repair Technology -

Epionce's special EpiB Complex is a patented lipid blend designed to improve the function of the skin barrier to create a stronger defense against damaging enviromental factors. It repairs and fortifies the skin barrier to strengthen individual skin cell walls and provide superior moisturisation.


Keratoytic Technology -

Epik Complex are exfoliating and so remove excess dead skin cells and promote skin regeneration without irritation. It unclogs and tightens pores, clears blemishes and brightens the skin.


The Milecross Clinic does not sell these products online but is a stockist.

Either contact us HERE or Dr Beverley Graham directly at bev@milecrossclinic.co.uk to place an order or follow this link to access Epionce's shop. Contact us for a unique code to receive free post, package and delivery.



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