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Obagi-C Fx Therapy Night Cream

Obagi-C Fx Therapy Night Cream gradually diminishes dark spots with 7% Arbutin, and provides antioxidants Vitamins C and E to your skin while you sleep.

Obagi-C Fx Therapy Night Cream helps prevent future damage, while repairing existing damage. This night cream can help fade dark spots and address different signs of aging, from crow's feet, to wrinkles and fine lines. This powerful treatment will help you rejuvenate while you sleep. It is a gentle alternative to many anti-aging products that contain hydroquinone, as it uses Arbutin and Vitamin C instead to help achieve a more youthful look. Antioxidants in the formulas also help prevent any future damages, making this the perfect choice for those with sensitive skin.


Mild  hyperpigmentation

Fine lines and wrinkles and related signs of ageing caused by photo-ageing

Pre and post-procedure skin health and getting enhanced results

Dull uneven skin


Lack of collagen synthesis

Reduce freckles and brown spots



Directions and Commitment

Use alone or as part of the Obagi-C Fx System

PM only

Use after Cleanser and toner

Gently dab onto and blend into skin

As part of a 12-24 week programme for full skin transformation (dependant on patient's skin)

Time, patience and tolerance for some transient side effects while treating photodamage

Minimal downtime

Can be used within the maintenance programme

How it works

Prevent Damage and Maintain young looking skin

When used with Obagi-C® Fx Systems, you’re on your way to healthier, refreshed, revitalised skin from cell to surface. Obagi-C® Systems promote skin rejuvenation from the inside out using specially formulated ingredients, which reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and age spots, combined with 10% L-ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)—the only topical antioxidant proven to stimulate collagen synthesis and protect your skin by minimising future skin cell damage.

Why is Vitamin C important?

Vitamin C belongs to an important group of antioxidants that fight the free radicals that age your skin. Studies have shown topical Vitamin C, in the most effective form (L-ascorbic acid), can help improve sun protection, repair sun-damaged skin, reduce fine lines, stimulate collagen-building, and potentially reduce discoloration of the skin.

How are Obagi-C® Systems different from other Vitamin C products?

Many companies offer a cosmeceutical containing Vitamin C, but it’s important for you to know that not all Vitamin C products are created equal. Clinical data show the patented Obagi-C® formulation delivers more L-ascorbic acid into the skin and remains in the skin longer than SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF®, another leading Vitamin C skin care product.


Normal/Dry and Normal/Oily
Not recommended for those with acne



Skin brightening cream formulated with Arbutin to enhance the appearance of skin for a more even looking complexion.
The main benefits of Vitamin C are antioxidant protection and direct stimulation of collagen synthesis while Arbutin, which is a naturally occurring derivative of Hydroquinone found in Bear-berry evens out skin tone and reduces hyperpigmentation resulting in more radiant smoother skin. It is used when patients are seeking a Hydroquinone-free alternative or during a maintenance phase.
Healthy glowing transformed skin.


Active Ingredient

7% Arbutin

Key Ingredients:

Vitamin C, Vitamin E

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